Brides, grooms, and even future mothers-in-law agree…

The Signature Grand Bridal and Quince Show exceeds expectations. Register today and see how easy it is to make your wedding/quince everything you have ever wanted.

This show offered much more than my co-workers and I anticipated.  There was a large array of food, unlimited beverages, and something fun and different in every room. We came to scope out venders for a corporate event and found everything we needed under one roof.” – Lawanda Jones

“ ‘Breathtaking’ and ‘elegant’ are words that we use to describe this bridal show.” – Tracia Boynes & Jason Stanley

The food is divine, the decorations are remarkable and the energy is through the roof! This bridal show offers a great atmosphere for those trying to plan a wedding. The vast amount of vendors is perfect for those with eclectic tastes.” – Danielle Hull

A friendly staff and knowledgeable vendors make this a fun, easy and informative event. This bridal show really helped my fiancé and I make the final preparations for our wedding.” – Stacy Shappart

Over the past few months, my fiancé and I have been to several bridal shows and none have been as great as the Signature Grand. The show at the Grand is not just a vendor showcase; you actually get a feel for how your ceremony and reception will look and feel – it’s everything I’ve dreamed of.”
– Kerla Sylvain

Countless vendors and hundreds of food combinations provided me with all of the information I was looking for. This bridal show at Signature Grand is very fun.” – Lauren Kozlin
– Kerla Sylvain

The Signature Grand Bridal Show is a must for all soon-to-be-wed couples. Great food, music, events and just an overall great ambiance.”
– Makeda Lopez

This bridal show is eye-opening for anyone planning a grand, special occasion. Coming here has been a lot of fun and has given me so many ideas for my quince – I can’t wait!” –Ashley Valladares

I’m having a blast – the event is great! All of the vendors have been very helpful in offering ideas for how I can make my dream wedding come true, including flower arrangements, DJs and dinner options. My groom, maid-of-honor and I came in with one idea and walked out with it enhanced.”
– Vanessa Ramos

A great event! Good to see all of the latest trends in weddings.” – J. Dean

Signature Grand’s Bridal and Quince show is a one-stop shop place. It has everything you need under one roof. This is a great place for brides who really don’t know want they want or where to start.” –Michelle D.